Gospel for Asia

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At Blue Ridge, we believe that the most effective way to participate in global missions is to partner with indigenous workers throughout the world. Native missionaries already speak the language of the region, understand the culture of the people, and live at the same level as those they serve. They are more readily accepted and respected than Western missionaries and are therefore far more effective in their effort to carry the Gospel to their people.

Gospel for Asia trains and sends thousands of native missionaries to share the Good News of Jesus Christ all across India, Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, and many other Asian countries. In this part of the world, millions live with little to no hope of hearing the Gospel. However, the possibility of reaching Asia's multitudes through national missionaries is becoming a reality as thousands are being trained in GFA Bible colleges. Our financial commitment and prayerful support of these men and women is one more way we join hands to carry out our Great Commission.

Over 98 percent of GFA graduates minister in places where the Gospel has never before been preached! Our association with this organization allows us to “walk alongside” these local missionaries as they dedicate their lives to sharing the Gospel. 

Many in our BRCC community support Gospel for Asia by directly sponsoring one or more of their missionaries, others by participating in their gift programs.

Additionally, one of our BRCC family members has committed to serve GFA full-time. Stephanie, one of our supported missionaries, serves at GFA’s American-based staff in Dallas, Texas. Through her service, Stephanie is part of the organization that is the backbone of support to the men and women in the mission fields of Asia.

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