Stephanie - GFA

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Stephanie has literally grown up in the community of Blue Ridge Community Church. The eldest daughter of Dave and Debby, she joined the BRCC family at the age of 6 and eventually served in several different areas of ministry: Kids Community, Student Ministries, Drama, and the Café.

For several months recently, Stephanie served God in southeast Asia, where she was stationed at the headquarters and main training seminary for Gospel for Asia. She has now returned to the home office in Dallas and has a variety of support roles.

Serving God on the mission field was a dream God placed in her heart at a young age. However, like many of us, Stephanie walked through her own season of self-discovery just after entering Virginia Tech as a freshman. The question of “what” she wanted to be collided with the question of “who” she wanted to be. After two semesters of considering the path she and her classmates would likely follow into the secular world, she knew that was not all she wanted her life to be.

Coming home to step back, pray, and make a new plan, she was led to read "Revolution in World Missions," a book by K.P. Yohannan, founder of Gospel for Asia (GFA). After prayerful consideration, she began an 11-month course of study at the GFA School of Discipleship in Carrollton, Texas, in August 2009. Her experience there would amplify her understanding of the Lordship of Christ, submission to His will, and becoming the body of Christ. This expanded view of her faith and the impact she wanted her life to have would ultimately lead her to serve on staff for GFA.

In the fall of 2010, Stephanie began to serve full time at GFA’s Home Team based in Dallas, Texas. During the next three years she would serve in a variety of roles, but primarily in the “Servant’s Quarters,” which are the administrative assistants to Brother K.P. and also as a house leader in the very school of discipleship where her journey began. While her gifts lie in language and communication, she serves wherever she is needed. Her plan is to give it all, serve where called, and live a life of IMPACT.

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