The Rodemanns

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Steve, from Connecticut, and Nancy, from Northern Virginia, met while in college and married after graduation. As newlyweds, they moved to Dallas to attend seminary for further studies, where the decision to become missionaries solidified as they prayed, gathered information, and took a short-term missions trip in the summer of 1977.

Particularly affected by the spiritual barrenness in Spain, the Rodemanns joined CAM International, now Camino Global, a mission agency founded to bring the gospel to Spanish-speaking countries and train Latin evangelical believers to serve in missions. Steve says, “Missions experts consider Spain, after North Korea and the Muslim World, to be the most spiritually needy country in the world. There are still 7,400 towns without one single known Christian, much less a church where the gospel is preached.”

Steve and Nancy moved to Madrid, Spain, in 1981, to establish what is now a self-supporting church under national leadership with about 70 believers. From this group of believers, called the Vaguada Church, five Spanish couples have been commissioned to serve in full-time ministry. Also, several national ministries that started out of the Vaguada church continue to function.

Nancy also serves as the artistic director for the Coro Gospel de Madrid. This group of Spaniards uses gospel music to share the good news of Christ and help new church plants around Madrid province. They have performed several times on national television.

Steve and Nancy have left the Vaguada church in the hands of leadership that came to the Lord under their ministry. After 27 years, the church-planting cycle has been completed and they are now working with an already established Spanish church in the center of Madrid — helping with teaching, worship, and evangelism — with the goal of beginning a daughter work somewhere in Madrid province.

The elders of five different churches have requested their help, and the Lord is beginning to clarify His will. At the same time, they are increasingly involved in a countrywide ministry, both in Bible teaching (Steve) and equipping local choirs for more effective outreach (Nancy).

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