New Life Campaign - HAITI

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After serving as an intern at Mission of Hope, Blue Ridger Salem Hicks felt called to full-time ministry in Haiti. She began the New Life Campaign in 2016 to help sexually exploited women in Haiti be made new from the inside out through the fierce and unconditional love of Jesus. Women receive spiritual and emotional direction and healing through Bible classes and counseling. Through vocational classes, they learn skills to help them provide for themselves and their families.

The New Life Campaign operates two branches:

The Outreach Program

A small task force team visits houses and brothels and invites women to weekly classes. It is through this program that they encounter women, build relationships and eventually give women the opportunity to have a chance at a new life. This program, which includes sewing, English, life skills and Bible classes, has up to 65 women in a class at a time.

The New Life Center Program

After three years of research and relational development, New Life Center began their first program classes Sept. 12, 2016. This program includes sponsorships, discipleship, the study of scripture, counseling, life skills, basic education and career development. Women and children living at the center receive counseling; and the children receive tuition, transportation, and uniforms to go to school.

Learn more and donate at Read Salem’s personal story.

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