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Sometimes we believe that prostitution is a choice, or that it has no lasting consequences. For countries that are poverty stricken, prostitution is often a woman's only means of survival. Its consequences are far reaching and damage not just the woman, but her family.

Prostitution often reaches into several generations, as daughters, mothers and grandmothers have been prostitutes. Prostitutes and their children are at risk for human trafficking.

New Image serves the women of Managua, Nicaragua. It is a small, Christ-centered ministry that offers hope and healing through discipleship to the prostitutes in the city brothels. This ministry reaches the whole family, as well as the woman working the streets. New Image believes that hope and healing are found in Jesus and that He is the answer to every need.

Blue Ridge’s Crash and Women’s Bible Study ministries have sent several teams to support New Image. Check out a video from one of those visits [link to video from More Conference if possible].

You can give directly to New Image to help support the program and the ministry at Ninety-six percent of all donations go straight to the ministry; only 4 percent are for administrative costs.

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