New Hope Initiative - SIERRA LEONE

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New Hope Initiative, a small volunteer-run nonprofit organization, based in Houston, Texas, goes into the poorest communities to bring positive change through education, nutrition and spiritual growth.

Blue Ridge connected with New Hope through Joy Nobilini. Joy had visited Sierra Leone through New Hope in 2013 and “immediately fell in love with the children at the children’s home” there. She talked extensively with Francis Rogers, the local pastor who started the children’s home, and felt his passion and heart and knew this was a project she wanted to support.

When Joy and her family moved to Lynchburg and became a part of Blue Ridge in 2014, she began talking to our Missions Team about New Hope. In 2016, Blue Ridge sent a Kids Community team to visit. Our partnership with the children’s home through New Hope has become a great way for Kids Community to learn more about missions and connect in ways that involve the whole family.

A Kids Community team has visited the children’s home several times, and our children have helped to raise money and sent love to the children there.

Pastor Rogers started the children’s home after many children were left orphaned by a decade of civil war. His calling began with a dream. At the time, Pastor Rogers had a good job, a nice car and his family lived well. He knew that if he said “yes” to God, all of this would change. It took him three years, but he finally said, “God, I will follow you.”

He moved his family to a tiny poor village. Beginning with just a few children, his ministry grew to the more than 70 who now live there. The orphans who live there have found safety, support, and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

One significant feature of New Hope is that 100 percent of all donations go toward projects. Learn about their Sierra Leone children's home project and give at

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