Tibetan Trust Home - NEPAL

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One of our strongest global mission partnerships began several years ago when Blue Ridge felt led to partner with the Tibetan Trust Home in Pokhara, Nepal. We have been blessed by the opportunity to walk alongside the Trust Home founders and share in their vision of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their people. The idea for the Trust Home started when God placed a burden on the heart of Dolma Shrestha, a Tibetan living in Nepal, to reach out to her people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Most Tibetans have never seen a Christian among their own devoutly Buddhist people. It is here, in one of the world’s most unreached regions, that the Trust Home has provided for the needs of more than 100 children of Tibetan refugees. Most of these children were abused or abandoned and left to fend for themselves, or sent across the border from Tibet by families who had no means to care for them.

Most importantly, the loving environment created by the Trust Home family provides an opportunity to teach each and every child about the love and salvation found only through Jesus Christ. Dolma’s dream is that these children, who are being taught about the Lord Jesus Christ every day, will have a God-given heart to someday go back to their native land or the Tibetan refugee camps in Nepal and plant churches among their people. The ultimate goal is that through them thousands of lost people will come to know Jesus!

Each year Blue Ridge teams visit the TTH to catch the vision for reaching out to a part of the world that has not only very limited resources, but also very little opportunity to hear the Gospel. It is our blessing to be called to share the financial burden of caring for these children, and our collective prayer that they are one day called to fulfill the role of native missionaries among their people.

One way to directly be involved in the Trust Home is by sponsoring a child. This is a great opportunity to be personally involved in their life and be a part of God building His church in and through the Tibetan people! Through this sponsorship, you will provide support for their daily needs, write them letters and receive letters back, and pray for them and see the fruits of their prayers for you and your family! So, as you prayerfully consider becoming a Trust Home sponsor, please contact Valda Rowe at vrowe@blueridge.org for more information.

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